Each doll is hand sculpted using a doll making polymer clay and then painted with acrylic paint. The faces are inspired using water colours and pencil. The clothing is assembled using vintage fabrics and the hair is mohair, which is wonderfully wild. 

I love all aspects of being a doll maker from hand sculpting the doll, to painting the faces when the charm of the doll begins to emerge. I also relish bringing new life into recycled antique fabrics from a christening gown to a Victorian lace collar, as they are hand stitched onto the doll. 


I am a self taught doll maker and each one of my dolls is lovingly hand sculpted and stitched using traditional methods; they begin life as an armature and are sculpted using a doll making clay. Some dolls are jointed with linen thread and beads.


Each doll is unique in its design and form, a highly individual piece of art, but part of my creative process is to imbue a distinct personality and a history to tell. Many of the dolls represent the vulnerable and sensitive aspects of human nature, but with all beauty comes a subtle darkness and my angels will always have dirty faces.