Bespoke Artisan Dolls

Welcome to my website; My name is Caroline Taylor based in Stroud, England. I am a self taught Doll Maker, using traditional methods, I creates my own artisan dolls. 

Each doll is a completely  unique and is made to reflect an individual personality and to tell their own little tale of woe, mischief and mayhem.  

They are developed from the depths of my imagination and I find much inspiration from old fairy tales, Gothic narratives, children's book illustrators and film. Tim Burton being a favourite of mine, like him I am a lover of all that is a bit quirky and dark.

Hi Caroline.
Siobhan and my son got me the doll for Christmas. 
I had been looking for this kind of doll for many years, I saw a similar one 20 odd years ago but I have never been able to find one in till she arrived for Christmas and she is just so lovely and perfect.
She is just what I wanted...
Thank you and I will be back for my birthday.